Top 5 fastest-growing DSOs in the U.S.

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Heartland Dental and TAG - the Aspen Group may continue to dominate as the two largest dental service organizations (DSOs) in the U.S., but others, like Specialty Dental Brands, are rapidly accelerating their growth.

Between 2022 and 2023, Specialty Dental Brands experienced the most growth. The DSO grew by about 40%, gaining a whopping 101 practices. Sonrava Health, which includes brands like Western Dental, followed closely behind growing by about 36% with the addition of 204 practices. Sonrava also ranked as our fifth-largest DSO in the U.S.

Top 5 fastest-growing DSOs

Organizations are ordered by the percentage increase in affiliated practices from June 2022 to June 2023 based on publicly available data. All company websites were last accessed on June 2, 2023.

1. Specialty Dental Brands

Number of affiliated/supported practices/offices: 251 (40% increase)
Brands: Individualized
Locations: 25 states
Note: In September, Specialty Dental Brands partnered with private equity firm TSG Consumer Partners and Leon Capital Group.
Source: Company website and press release dated September 12

2. Sonrava Health

Number of affiliated/supported practices/offices: 560 (36% increase)
Brands: Western Dental, Mid-Atlantic Dental Partners, Brident Dental & Orthodontics, and Vital Smiles Dental & Orthodontics
Locations: 20 states
Note: In June 2022, Sonrava Health completed the acquisition of Mid-Atlantic Dental Partners.
Source: Company website

3. Specialty1 Partners

Number of affiliated/supported practices/offices: 225 (33% increase)
Brands: Endo1 Partners, Perio1 Partners, and OS1 Partners
Locations: 27 states
Note: Specialty1 Partners was expecting to partner with 350 surgeons by the end of 2022.
Source: Press release date November 21

4. MB2 Dental

Number of affiliated/supported practices/offices: 550 (27% increase)
Brands: Individualized
Locations: 38 states
Note: In May, MB2 Dental secured a $150 million loan to fund upcoming practice acquisitions.
Source: Press release dated May 2

5. Smile Doctors

Number of affiliated/supported practices/offices: 390 (23% increase)
Brands: Individualized
Locations: 28 states
Note: Since the start of 2023, Smile Doctors had added 21 new clinics to its network.
Source: Press release dated April 18

The list of the fastest-growing DSOs is based on research of readily available public information. The information presented is not meant to be definitive but rather to provide a snapshot of the available data on the fastest-growing DSOs. In each instance, the information has been gathered through an organization’s website, press releases, previously published material, or other sources.

Some companies and information are not on this list because the information could not be confirmed by press time. If you are aware of missing information or an organization that should be on the list, please contact us

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