'The DrBicuspid Podcast': Will interest rates tame DSO growth? Breaking down the top DSOs with Kevin Cumbus

2023 07 11 Kevin Cumbus Podcast

DrBicuspid recently released its lists of the top 10 largest dental service organizations (DSOs) and top 5 fastest-growing DSOs. The lists reflect the continued growth of even some of the largest dental chains in the U.S. But the pace of growth of DSOs may slow in the near future, according to dental M&A expert Kevin Cumbus.

Cumbus, president of Tusk Partners, sat down to chat with DrBicuspid Editor-in-Chief Theresa Pablos about the explosive growth of DSOs. He shared the driving forces behind the rise of DSOs and why rising interest rates may temper future practice openings. Cumbus also discussed how the future of growth hinges on attracting and retaining talent and why the number of practices may not be the best measure of DSO success.

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