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Kevin Henry Crop

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

It’s the last Friday of March, and also the last Friday of the first quarter. Here’s hoping your dental practice is thriving through the first three months of the year!

If you find there is still some room in your practice for improvement, may I suggest these quick points on leadership from Dr. Roger Levin? In today’s world where keeping team members as a part of your practice is a high priority, being the best leader you can be is a critical piece of success in that area.

I also really enjoyed this interview with Candid CEO Nick Greenfield as part of our Cellerant CEO podcast series. His thoughts on the entrepreneurial mindset provide good ideas for every business owner out there (including dentists).

If you’re looking to have more successful discussions with your patients about their oral and overall health in the second quarter and beyond, knowing their health history is important. If they’re taking medication to lower their cholesterol, you might be surprised at the oral health benefits of that as well.

Could we be getting closer to an easier way to detect oral cancer? One surprising oral cancer detection method raised some eyebrows with our readers earlier this week, as did a report that there may be some flaws in a study that received a lot of attention surrounding fluoride and children.

Whether it’s the end of the first quarter or the end of the year, my team and I will keep bringing you articles that will help you and your business grow. As always, thanks for reading!


Kevin Henry

Editor in Chief

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