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Kevin Henry.
Kevin Henry.

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

Honestly, every week I am very proud of the work my editorial team puts in to deliver the best content to dentists and dental teams. However, this week, as I looked at what we brought readers in preparation for this editor's note, I broke into a big smile. Why? Because this week's well-rounded content mix could be the best we've put together so far in 2024.

Yes, that's a bit of a bold statement. However, if you check out the articles below, you'll see exactly why I feel this way.

Sure, we are still bringing you the information you need to know about some of the dental-related crimes that are making headlines around the world. This week, that included a puzzling theft in Washington state and the next step toward the completion of a multimillion-dollar dental fraud scam. But other things caught our readers' eyes this week outside of the police blotter.

That included this article on anesthesia and the impact that prescription drugs such as Ozempic could have on its effectiveness. With these types of drugs that are all the rage now, this is a piece worth reading.

I also loved seeing yet another connection in the oral-systemic link as we shared information about periodontal disease and the chance of stroke in adults under the age of 50. Additionally, this article about knowledge and attitudes toward infective endocarditis provided food for thought about what today's dental students are learning.

Finally, you never know what fascinating dental treasures you'll find as one dentist visiting his parents' newly renovated home recently discovered.

With this being the last Friday of April, I hope that the first one-third of 2024 has been profitable for your business and satisfying for you on a personal and professional level. Here's to great things ahead in May!

Kevin Henry
Editor in Chief

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