5 dental products that caught my eye at Chicago Midwinter 2024

The 2024 Chicago Midwinter Meeting did not disappoint. Personally, I thought the show had the same buzz and energy around it and during it as the Midwinter meetings before the pandemic. It also continued a strong start for trade shows I have attended (Rocky Mountain Dental Convention and Yankee Dental Congress before Chicago), signaling perhaps that this is the year that trade shows bounce back to the way we in the dental industry remember them before COVID-19.

I spent all three days of the meeting walking the show floor and talking to vendors about what they believed was important to readers of DrBicuspid.com. More of that will come later this week and into March.

However, while walking through the aisles, I was also struck by some new products that I think might be of interest to you as well.

The Edge Gemini chair

Kevin Henry tests out the Edge Gemini ergonomic chair.Kevin Henry tests out the Edge Gemini ergonomic chair.

I had to try this one after a long day of walking up and down the aisles, and I was surprised by not only the feel of the ergonomic chair but also the way it naturally encourages you to settle into a straight back postural position and ensured I was sitting up straight. With easy position changes, comfort, and stability to the chair’s user, it’s the kneeling position that activates the body’s core, relieving pressure from the back.

The Edge Gemini has height, angle, and sacral adjustments; postural seat tilt; multiple armrest settings; and multiple kneeling positions to ensure sitting and kneeling are tailored to an individual’s body.

Learn more about the chair here.

Halo Digital Mirror

This isn’t your father’s (or mother’s) dental mirror. According to the manufacturer, the mirror integrates a camera to digitize an essential tool in the dental office, setting a new standard for patient care and practitioner experience.

I read about it before the meeting. However, looking it over in Chicago, I was struck by the design as well as all of the ways this one device can reportedly impact your practice (including not only taking the pictures of what you see but also using your voice to document findings into a patient's chart). It’s also autoclavable (once the battery is separated from the device).

You can learn more about the digital mirror here

Armis Biopharma

I learned about this set of products from a press release sent to DrBicuspid earlier in the month, but I had to stop by the booth and check them out for myself.

From hand sanitizer to getting the bacteria off oral appliances, Armis is planning big things in 2024 and beyond. Touting itself as a frontline solution for infection control needs, ArmiGard (one of the three products available in the set) kills 99.999% of odor-causing bacteria on devices such as mouthguards and dentures.

Learn more about these products here.

Philips Sonicare Teeth Whitening Kits

Philips Sonicare teeth whitening kits. Image courtesy of Philips.Philips Sonicare teeth whitening kits. Image courtesy of Philips.

Developed by dental professionals, these kits feature semicustomizable trays. With options of 6% or 9.5% hydrogen peroxide solutions, these whitening options are proven to make an impact with minimal tooth sensitivity. According to Philips, clinical trials have shown that patients can whiten their teeth up to five shades after nine uses (with the 9.5% option).

All kits include a Quick Start Guide to help patients through the treatment process and achieve optimal results. 

Learn more about the product here.

Biolase Waterlase iPlus Premier Edition

At the heart of the Waterlase iPlus Premier Edition is its modular software design. This innovative approach provides clinicians with customized packages of procedures, which are designed to ensure that practitioners invest in the capabilities they need today while allowing easily added features as the clinician expands his or her practice. This not only is expected to optimize cost-effectiveness but to also facilitate seamless upgrades as practices evolve, empowering dental professionals to stay at the forefront of innovation without compromise.

Also, a larger touchscreen display and improved graphic user interface provide intuitive controls and modern aesthetics, ensuring an immersive experience for dental professionals. On-board technique animations and protocol guides allow for the most seamless introduction to laser procedures yet.

Learn more about the product here.

At Chicago Midwinter, I sat down with John Beaver, the president and CEO of Biolase, to discuss what really mattered about this new product and why he believes lasers should be a part of many more dental practices in the future.

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