Dos and don'ts for case presentation: 'Selling'

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Case presentation and 'selling'

Many dentists are very concerned that they shouldn't be "selling" during case presentations. Consider this: Have you built a very nice-looking office? That's part of selling your practice to patients. Do you have some sort of dress code for your team? That's selling an image of your practice. Are you concerned about good customer service? Once again -- this is selling, and you're doing an awful lot of it.

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Take a realistic look at case presentation. In fact, every treatment is "sold" to patients. By the sheer act of presenting a treatment plan, you are -- for all intents and purposes -- promoting it. And if you do not actively promote with passion, the case won't be accepted. That can be bad news for your patients' oral health.

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Don't beat yourself up about "selling." You are advocating treatment that you honestly believe will either improve patients' oral health or help them achieve a better and brighter smile. There's nothing questionable about that!

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