Hygiene Tools Insider: Swapping bacteria via toothpaste to halt caries is being studied

Melissa Busch.
Melissa Busch.

Dear Hygiene Tools Insider,

March is Oral Health Month, making it the best time to discuss all things dental hygiene. Without further ado, check out the latest hygiene tools-related news in this week’s Insider.

From oral microbiome transplants to luxury oral care products, this Insider focuses on it all.

Taking on someone else’s bacteria has never been more promising. Possibly? Researchers in Australia are exploring whether they can improve the unhealthy mouths of some individuals by having them use a specially developed toothpaste that contains others' good oral bacteria.

In other news, a new study revealed that an artificial tongue was able to identify dental plaque from saliva samples, determine whether it came a person with tooth decay, and destroy it. Read here to find out what it may mean for the future.

"All I Do Is Win" hitmaker DJ Khaled may be showing that's exactly what he does. As a stakeholder and ambassador for the luxury oral healthcare brand Aurezzi, the well-known pop culture figure will promote its "gold-standard" products. Just make sure you have your cash ready.

Did you know that dental floss isn’t just for dislodging stubborn food stuck between your teeth? It can be used for measuring the world’s widest tongue. Find out who made the Guinness Book of World Records.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Melissa Busch
Associate Editor


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