Hygiene Insider: Oral health varies by immigration status

Dear Hygiene Insider,

Did you know that your patients who immigrated to the U.S. experience significantly worse oral health than those born in the U.S.? This is according to new research published in the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA). However, oral health disparities were negated after the researchers adjusted for whether individuals had insurance. Find out more in our Insider Exclusive.

Also from JADA, researchers found a link between a patient's diabetes status and dental visits. People with diabetes and prediabetes visit the dentist less frequently than those without diabetes, the study found. What does this mean for your patients and practice? Read more here.

In other Hygiene Community news, should restorations be added to school-based sealant programs? A new study found that a school-based caries prevention program in which hygienists place interim therapeutic restorations and sealants may be more effective than placing sealants alone. Learn more here.

Patients aren't motivated to floss, according to a study presented at the recent 2018 American Association of Dental Research meeting. What can you do about this? Educate your patients, say the researchers. Read more here.

General dentists are once again the most common type of dentists, according to newly published data from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The data break down dentist statistics by gender, specialty, and state. Learn more here.

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