Dos and don'ts for goal setting: Time for a practice checkup

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We're now at the halfway point of the year. Do you know if your practice is on target to reach its annual goals for production, new patients, elective treatment, and case acceptance? Do you know what's working well and where improvements need to be made? If not, it's past time to analyze your numbers for 2015.


Set incremental goals. Not only do you need to set annual goals, but you also need to break those down into quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily targets. If you haven't set incremental objectives this way, use the next 30 days to devise a detailed plan for the second half of the year.


Don't set it and forget it. The reason you set benchmarks is so that you can monitor practice growth. If it appears that a target will not be met at the current rate of progress, you can brainstorm with team members how to improve performance in the targeted area. This not only leads to innovative solutions but also gives the team the sense of common purpose and mutual support needed to move the practice forward.

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