Do's and don'ts for improving your practice: Upgrade your practice performance

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All dental practices have room for improvement. And if you're not steadily experiencing growth, you can take steps to upgrade your practice. Do you have a practice vision, targets, and goals? Have you upgraded your systems in the past three to five years? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Taking the time to examine every aspect of your practice and creating a vison with clear goals and targets can take your practice to new heights.


Be honest about your practice's weaknesses. When you analyze your practice as a business, you need a straightforward appraisal of your practice deficiencies. Some doctors and staff members try to hide or minimize their practices' shortcomings, but you'll be better off acknowledging them. It's the only way to begin figuring out how to make improvements in these areas.


Don't forget to review quarterly performance. How close is the practice to reaching its goals for production, collections, new patients, etc. for this quarter? Which systems need improvement to hit established targets and which systems are in good shape? If your office is underperforming in any areas, brainstorm solutions at the next staff meeting to help get the practice back on track.

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