Dos and don'ts for community marketing: Meet your neighbors

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Whether your practice is in a shopping center, office building or another location, you should make an effort to introduce yourself to nearby business owners. You obviously will have some mutual interests -- keeping the area clean and well-lit, for example -- but these businesses can also be a source for new patients.


Become active in your community. Joining local business organizations just makes good business sense. You keep abreast of what's occurring in your community. You get to network with fellow business owners, sharing ideas on how to build and maintain a thriving commercial area. You will also learn of opportunities -- community fairs, promotions and other events -- for creating greater awareness about your practice and gaining new patients.


Don't overlook small opportunities. There are many inexpensive ways to increase awareness about your practice, from sponsoring a local youth sports team to writing a column on oral health for the community newspaper. These efforts may not have an immediate return on investment, but over time they will position your practice as the place in the community for dental care.

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