Do's and don'ts for community involvement: Have an impact on your community

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The higher your practice's profile in the community, the more successful it will be. The best way to accomplish this is with personal involvement -- not just by the doctor but by everyone. All team members should be familiar with the practice's brand so they can project this image in all their community activities.


Become the dental education resource in your community. By creating educational marketing strategies, you'll display your practice's expertise and also show that you care about the oral health of everyone in the community. The goodwill generated will bring in new patients.


Don't forget to get your practice's name out there. Seek opportunities to advertise in community newspapers, school yearbooks, and fundraising publications. Sponsor local sports teams, school activities, and other local events. Do everything possible to let parents, prospective patients, and referring doctors see your name often. Name recognition is reinforced whenever someone mentions your office. When people say, "Oh, I've heard that name," you've immediately created a higher level of trust, even before they walk through the door.

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