Dos and don'ts for marketing: Make it easy for new patients to find you

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Patients have many options for their dental care. The harder you make it for new patients to find your practice -- whether on the Web or at your physical location -- the fewer of them will consider your office for regular dental visits.


Update your SEO and your website. Can prospective patients find your practice website via search engines? If they can't, it's time to improve your website's search engine optimization (SEO). And if your website's older than 5 years, it should be updated, too. You want potential new patients not only to find your website, but also like what they find. Work with SEO and website experts to improve your site.


Don't ignore your signage. From the outside, is your practice easily identified as a dental practice? Can someone driving by in a car spot your practice? Your outside signage should be well-lit, well-maintained, and highly visible. It should announce who you are to passing motorists and pedestrians.

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