Do's and don'ts for systems improvement: Moving beyond tasks to targets

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A management system is a step-by-step description of how team members should handle tasks at the practice. The idea is to ensure maximum functional effectiveness and efficiency. But you can design your systems to accomplish much more. To achieve the greatest possible success for your practice, you can't just work hard and hope for the best. You need to set goals for yourself and your staff -- and reach them by designing new systems to hit specific performance targets.


Use the targets-systems-training methodology. Even dentists who understand that they should design efficient new systems and train staff to use those systems properly will often leave out the most important part: targets. Targets not only serve as benchmarks but also as motivators. By calculating precisely what results must be attained, setting deadlines, and assigning staff responsibilities, you'll determine what your management systems must be designed to accomplish.


Don't settle for mere efficiency. Streamlined, low-stress operations may represent significant improvement over what you have now. But if you don't shift to target-driven management, it will take you longer to reach your goals -- and you may never realize your full potential. Set targets. Design systems to reach them. Train to the systems. And you'll transform your practice.

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