Do's and don'ts for patient satisfaction: Is your customer service a trick or a treat?

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Do you and your team make patients feel they are part of something special -- that your practice is the best place for their oral healthcare? It can be easy to take patients for granted, especially if they've been coming to your practice for a while. Always look for ways to strengthen the relationship and delight patients. Your efforts will keep them coming back.


Continue the conversation. Build on the connection you already have with current patients. Always keep notes in the patient record about their family, job, hobbies, interests, etc. This "cheat sheet" will help you pick up where you left off with patients since the last visit.


Don't underestimate the value of small talk. Patients always want to be treated as a person, not just a set of teeth. While you don't want to get trapped in a 20-minute discussion about various other subjects, you do want to spend a brief amount of time catching up. Patients always appreciate the opportunity to talk a little about themselves.

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