Infographic: U.S. dental spending nears $120B

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The amount the U.S. spends on dental healthcare continues to rise, according to new data from the California Health Care Foundation. Americans spent about $118 billion on dental services in 2015, up from $113 billion the previous year.

The majority of dental care (47%) was paid for by private insurance, closely followed by out-of-pocket spending (40%) and Medicaid (10%). About $47 billion in dental care was paid for out of pocket.

The amount spent on dental care, however, is miniscule compared with total U.S. healthcare spending. More than $3 trillion was spent on healthcare in 2015, up almost 6% from last year. Healthcare now represents 18% of the U.S. gross domestic product.

"The spending increases in 2016 were driven by increased use of services as enrollment in Medicaid and private insurance expanded," the report noted.

See how dental care fits into the larger healthcare spending picture with the graphic below.

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