Do's and don'ts for community outreach: Doing well by doing good

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Doing well by doing good involves taking advantage of opportunities to give back and letting everyone know that you're a great community partner. Many businesses believe in the charitable work they are doing and have a real commitment to their community. And there's nothing wrong with enjoying the positive public relations and benefits that can come from these activities. It's a win-win situation for you and your community.


Make "giving back" part of your office culture. Busy dental practices may think that they don't have the time or energy to give back to their community. However, even a few hours a month can make an enormous difference if enough dentists or practices are willing to participate. Encourage your entire office to give back to the community, either inside or outside of the office, at least one day a month.


Don't forget to tell new patients. Don't forget to provide information about your charitable activities during your new patient phone calls and orientations. People have very positive feelings for those who contribute to their communities. This can help set you apart from other practices that don't participate in these programs and may make all the difference when patients are deciding on what practice will become their new dental home.

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