Do's and don'ts to help guide your front desk team to success

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Your front desk team is the first and most consistent point of contact for all your patients. It is important that your front desk team project a positive, upbeat, and welcoming attitude in every patient interaction. Whether making appointments, taking payments, or answering questions, your front desk team has the power to make patients feel good about your practice.


Make sure your team helps patients with their insurance. Dental insurance coverage is a source of anxiety for many people. Anything your front desk can do to alleviate that anxiety is a win for the practice. When you solve a problem for patients, they remember it and often will tell their friends about the exceptional service they received at your practice.


Don't forget to encourage your team to write down appropriate personal details about patients. Have your front desk team members document what they learn about new patients during their first phone call to the practice. At the morning meeting on the day of a new patient's appointment, review this personal information with the team so that everyone can use it judiciously to build the patient's trust and comfort level.

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