Ensuring everyone in your practice is on the same page for 2020's 2nd half

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One thing is for certain with the COVID-19 pandemic: It has brought out the strengths and highlighted any weaknesses in all dental teams. As a basketball and dental practice coach, I always look at items from the positive point of view, so I view weaknesses as opportunities.

Lynne Leggett.Lynne Leggett.

With most states having been reopened for several weeks, many practices are realizing they have some foundational issues with their team. I want to share some ideas with you on this subject as you may be struggling with such issues in your practice.

In your dental practice, you would not do whitening on a patient before his or her multiple caries and perio issues are addressed. How can you build your team if the foundation has not been set? I know people throw the word "team" around like everyone should know what it means to be a team member, but have you ever discussed the meaning of "team" in your practice? How do you define what it means to be a team member? I can share with you that a lot of assumptions have been made about that definition.

I bring this up because future consistent growth will not occur if everyone in the practice does not support and share the same definition. It is now July, which means half of the year is over. Therefore, it is a great time to think and reflect on this to prepare for success in the second half of 2020. Schedule a meeting to get everyone's input on what it means to be on a team. Be prepared to "workshop" this idea since their responses may create some specific discussion.

Once you all agree on what it means to be on a team, break that down further into what characteristics a great team member should possess. After those characteristics are agreed upon, make it personal and see how each team member measures up to the standards to which you have all just agreed. This will show you where your opportunities are so you can work on all of them.

I promise this meeting is not for the faint of heart, as it will uncover those opportunities that need attention. I look forward to your feedback on this workshop in your practice. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Remember, these are the issues you need to tackle so you can look forward to future consistent growth in your practice.

Lynne Leggett is the founder and CEO of Victory Dental Management. She has more than 25 years of business experience in several industries, including dentistry, medical, pharmacy, sales, transportation, logistics, and project management. Learn more about her and her services, including some free offerings, on the Victory Dental Management website.

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