touts teledentistry during pandemic

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Telehealth may have grown by 57% in 2020, but many in the U.S. remain unaware that an online general practitioner can assist temporarily during urgent dental matters, according to online marketplace

Quick treatment for an oral infection is critical for the best outcome, but severe toothaches or gum abscesses can occur late at night, on weekends, or over a holiday when a dentist may not be easily reached. Prior to COVID-19, people might have gone to an urgent care clinic or emergency room to see a general doctor until they could see a dentist, noted.

Now, a telehealth consultation may be a better way for people to quickly access general medical care until they can see the dentist in person, so that dental care is not delayed, the company said. offers both standalone telehealth plans and dental savings plans that include telehealth. Plan members can get access to free, unlimited virtual consultations with licensed physicians 24/7.

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