Dental Practice Made Simple: Redefining reactivation

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Dental Practice Made Simple is a video series from and Levin Group. Tune in every Wednesday for a quick tip from Dr. Roger P. Levin to learn how to build high-powered, proven systems that lead to practice success.

Do you know the new definition of reactivation of patients? Reactivation now means any patients without their next appointment scheduled, according to Levin in the latest episode of Dental Practice Made Simple.

"If they're not scheduled, they need to be reactivated," he said.

Patients who are unscheduled may be lost to the practice, and even if they do come back, they'll be off-cycle, which translates into lost production. To reactivate patients, Levin recommends leaving time in your schedule to have a team member pick up the phone and call the patient.

"You need to pick up the phone and leave them a voicemail," Levin said. "They need to hear that you care."

Watch the video below to learn more about the new definition of reactivation.

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