Do's and don'ts for having a good attitude

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Dentists have bad days sometimes, but they need to exercise good self-control at the office, keeping negative feelings to themselves. Otherwise, the experience of everyone at the practice -- patients as well as staff -- will be less than pleasant.


Help your staff members understand that their attitude matters. Staff attitude is often the fundamental element that determines how patients perceive the practice and whether they remain loyal. An upbeat, energized team will have a far more positive effect on patients. There will always be challenging days, but having a good attitude in the face of adversity impresses patients and inspires your fellow team members.


Don't let stress wear you down. There are several practical ways to reduce stress: Upgrade your systems, delegate responsibilities, script interactions with patients, and maintain an upbeat attitude. It's all worth doing, because not only can stress ruin your day, it can also slow practice growth and undermine your health.

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