Do's and don'ts for team building

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Silence is not golden, and certain things do not go without saying. As the leader of your practice, you can improve team performance measurably by expressing your appreciation to others. With a steady stream of thank-you's and compliments for staff efforts, you'll reinforce their good habits and inspire them to do even better.


Get in the habit of giving positive feedback. There are numerous opportunities during the course of the day for you to show your appreciation to staff members. If you're not accustomed to saying thanks or making positive comments, it will be a two-step process for you. The first step is to actively look for praiseworthy actions, and the second step is to say something nice to the staff member about their actions.


Don't set too high of a standard. Rather than waiting to see actions that are above and beyond the call of duty, be generous in your praises. Someone who is doing her job consistently and reliably adds great value to your practice, and you should acknowledge her contribution at every opportunity. From the other person's point of view, your praise will never get old.

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