Do's and don'ts for building relationships

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In the new dental economy, it's nearly as important to document personal information about patients as it is to record clinical details. Collecting and using such information can help you build lasting relationships ... ones that will withstand challenges from new types of competition and preserve your patient base for long-term growth.


Before seeing a patient, check your notes. Take a moment during the daily business meeting or before seeing a patient to review personal facts the patient has shared with you. You can then reaffirm the relationship quickly with pertinent comments such as, "How's your daughter doing in college?" or "Are you still driving that convertible?" or "I saw a movie I think you'd like."


Don't trust your memory. Unless you're remarkably good at recalling what you learned about patients months ago, get in the habit of jotting down notes about patients' personal interests and encourage other staff members to do the same. Otherwise, you may forget the details that can make relationships strong.

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