Do's and don'ts for customer service

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Like most other small businesses, dental practices are searching for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Clinical differentiators are rare (and difficult for patients to genuinely appreciate), so one of the most effective ways to set your practice apart from others centers on customer service. One proven technique is a post-treatment follow-up call. It makes a strong impression yet requires little time or effort.


Call the evening after you've provided treatment. When patients have undergone major treatment -- and even minor treatment, if you can spare the time -- call them to see how they're doing. Listen attentively, respond sympathetically to what they say, and, if appropriate, give professional advice. Most important, end the call by urging them to contact the practice if they have questions or concerns. They will be pleasantly surprised that you called and ready to tell others (potential new patients) how thoughtful and caring you are.


Don't hesitate to leave a voicemail. Be prepared to leave a pleasant voicemail if patients don't answer the phone. You'll still impress them with your level of customer service and generate excellent word-of-mouth advertising for your practice.

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