Do's and don'ts for customer service

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The more focused you are on dentistry, the more difficult it is for you to see yourself, your team, and your practice from your patients' point of view. Yet their impressions are critically important to your success.

Customer service counts for more than clinical excellence in the eyes of most patients, so you should look objectively at what they experience when they come in for an appointment. It's the first step toward turning patient satisfaction into a major competitive advantage.


Evaluate your practice in writing. Create a checklist of areas to critique, such as décor, amenities for patients, staff cheerfulness, staying on schedule, and -- probably the one element that is most difficult for you to see objectively -- your manner with patients. Writing notes about your observations will make it easier for you to identify areas for improvement and decide how to proceed.


Don't leave team members out of the process. Your staff will have a unique perspective on how patients see your practice. Take advantage of this resource. Doing so will give you a better idea of what changes are needed ... especially as it relates to how patients perceive you.

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