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If you're having trouble keeping your schedule full -- generally or at certain times of the year -- launch a mini-campaign to bring in new patients for professional whitening at a special price. This will not only keep staff busy during what might otherwise be slow times (and help pay the bills), but it also gives prospective patients direct exposure to your office and team.


Plan carefully and promote effectively. For the best results, think through all aspects of your whitening promotion, including the following:

  • Product: Based in part on your professional opinion and in part on the consumer brand awareness and promotional support offered by the manufacturers, decide which type(s) of whitening treatment you'll offer.
  • Pricing: You want to set a price that earns your practice at least a modest profit while also being attractive to the market.
  • Timing: Decide when to launch the campaign and how long it should last.
  • Promotion: Develop promotional strategies that are likely to get the greatest response at the least cost. Social media and other online activities will probably be key elements.


Don't forget to promote comprehensive dental care. Some of those who respond to your whitening offer will not express interest in becoming patients, but others will be open to the idea of joining your practice. Prepare materials and scripts that will introduce these visitors to your practice and all it has to offer. Make sure that everyone on your staff knows they should be at their best ... friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic. This will help "sell" your practice to whitening customers.

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