Dental Assisting Insider: The importance of boosting your career in 2024

Kevin Henry

Dear Dental Assisting Insider,

There is no question that dental assistants are often the overlooked hero or heroine of the dental practice’s daily routine. I have visited so many practices where the assistant was described as the “air traffic controller,” ensuring that everyone and everything was running smoothly and on time to keep the schedule moving forward and patients (and their fellow team members) happy.

As we built this dental assisting insider knowing that it would be read by not only assistants but also dentists and other team members, I thought it was important to share a message of how assistants can be more appreciated in 2024 while also moving their careers forward.

With that in mind, I’m so glad that Amanda DeMoura wrote this article on three essential steps dental assistants can take to thrive in 2024. With the new year just underway, now is a great time to think about how assistants can be an even bigger part of your practice’s success this year.

I always love when Tom Viola, RPh, stops by to record a podcast session with me, and a recent discussion on Ozempic and its dental implications is a must-listen. Viola always brings a fantastic viewpoint on pharmacology. This discussion is well worth your time, as more of your patients are taking Ozempic and other similar medications. This is another example of why the health history form is such an important part of a patient’s visit.

Finally, kudos to this Australian dental assistant for raising funds for solar-powered dental chairs that can assist those in need. This article is further proof that creativity and kindness can go a long way toward solving problems in our society.

Thanks for reading this insider, and thanks to all of you amazing dental assistants for what you do in dental practices every day. We are big fans of yours here at DrBicuspid.

Kevin Henry
Editor in Chief

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