Week in Review: Coding and bad breath must-knows, plus insight into assistants

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Dear DrBicuspid Member,

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of dental assistants and what they do every day to help patients feel more comfortable and practices to become more profitable. We are nearing the end of Dental Assistants Recognition Week, and I’m so glad we at DrBicuspid.com were able to bring some quality articles this past week for every member of the dental team to read about these amazing assistants.

A big one I want to highlight is this coding article from Dr. Greg Grobmyer where he goes over recent CDT changes and the ones that could impact assistants the most (depending, of course, upon their state-specific scope of practice). In an era when every dental practice is trying to stay ahead of the insurance game, this article is a must-read.

I also loved these tips from an assistant on how to make the assistant in your practice feel more valued. We all know how important it is for practices to keep their teams together, and this article helps give insight into what matters to assistants.

There is no doubt that losing a team member stinks, and so does this mix of bacteria that could cause halitosis. If you’ve ever wondered about the science behind bad breath, this article is for you.

Where does your state rank when it comes to vaping and those who want to kick that habit? Find out here, as well as the link to oral health that comes with it.

Finally, a big congratulations to Dental Lifeline Network, an organization that has changed hundreds of lives during its 50 years of existence. DLN kicked off its milestone celebration by asking people at Chicago Midwinter why they “dental.” The responses were great, and you can read (and watch) some of them here.

While you’re relaxing this weekend, keep an eye out for our newsletters every Saturday that focus on one dental topic. This weekend’s is legal issues, and I know you won’t want to miss that.


Kevin Henry

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