Unlicensed dentist arrested again

A woman was charged on April 26 in Illinois with practicing without a dental license, about three months after she was arrested for running a veneer business without a license inside a Las Vegas beauty parlor, according to news reports.

Monica Davis. Image courtesy of Clark County Sheriff's Civil Process Section.Monica Davis. Image courtesy of Clark County Sheriff's Civil Process Section.

In the most recent case, Monica Davis is accused of giving patients in the Chicago area fake braces and leaving one person with a chipped tooth. Following an investigation, Davis turned herself in to the police, according to reports.

In a social media video advertisement for her company, The Veneer Experts, in October, Davis, who has no dental credentials, was reportedly seen working on a dental patient. In the video, Davis purportedly claimed that her business offered services, including veneers, braces removal, and missing tooth replacement.

Illinois police began investigating after people complained about the dental services they received.

One person reportedly received braces from Davis at an office building in Schaumburg, IL, which is about 30 minutes outside downtown Chicago, after seeing an ad on Facebook. The patient's mother became suspicious when a follow-up appointment couldn't be made.

One of the company's phone numbers was disconnected, and no one picked up on a second number. Furthermore, a licensed dentist examined the patient and determined that the braces were not properly connected, according to reports.

Another person's tooth chipped after Davis reportedly gave him veneers, and a third customer claimed her molar fell out after an appointment with her.

In addition to the criminal charges, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is investigating Davis for practicing without a license. Davis could be forced to pay fines of $10,000 for each offense, according to reports.

On January 30, Davis was arrested in Nevada after one of her alleged clients tipped off police that she was performing dental work in the back of a Las Vegas beauty salon. Two weeks after an appointment with Davis, her veneer reportedly broke off. When she was arrested, authorities learned that she was promoting services at The Veneer Experts at locations in Illinois and Nevada. 

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