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Karie Neeley Anderson.
Karie Neeley Anderson.

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

Greetings from a different member of the editorial team. As the copy and production editor at DrBicuspid, I have the honor and pleasure of being the first to read Kevin’s intriguing stories, Melissa’s always-fascinating case reports, and Dr. Juan Yepes’ case studies before you all do. I get to guide you through this week’s must-read articles while Kevin is taking some time off.

Dental professionals have big hearts who care deeply for their patients and strive to deliver quality care. Sometimes, though, as with events that happened this week, we’re reminded of the dangers lurking in the profession. In New Orleans, a dentist was stabbed multiple times by a troubled woman with a history of violence, and the clinician may lose her eye. In Indiana, one dentist closed his practice when he discovered accounting discrepancies that led to a police investigation and an astounding amount of money that two employees reportedly embezzled. Even large practices are not immune, as one Heartland dental service organization practice in Wisconsin was the victim of employee fraud.

On the clinical side, coding expert Estela Vargas, CRDH, explained the coding considerations with billing anesthesia. This is a two-part series, so look for part two soon! Melissa Busch covered the ideal post space for post and core restorations to ensure crown longevity. With the new imaging recommendations from the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology and the ADA, be sure to read and share this article -- and podcast -- with your staff about how to comply with the new imaging guidelines and how your assistants can talk to patients about the guidelines and concerns they may have.

On the practice side, we’re pleased to collaborate with Misty Mattingly, RDH, on “The Hygiene Happy Hour” podcast. The inaugural episode features Amanda Hill, RDH, who delves into the link between oral health and overall health, plus Hill shared some valuable oral hygiene tips. And if you’re contemplating selling your practice, Kevin Cumbus shares the events in 2024 that could determine how much your practice is worth.

Finally, this month is National Pet Dental Health Month. As dental professionals, you know how important your pets’ oral health is too. Please take a moment and share your favorite photo of your pet. You could win a gift card and a donation made in your pet’s name to your local animal shelter.

Editor-in-Chief Kevin Henry will be at the Chicago Dental Society 2024 Midwinter Meeting podcasting live and handing out Cuspies awards to this year’s winners. Please be sure to stop by and say hello!

We’ll be back on Monday, President’s Day, with more great content. Until then, have a relaxing weekend, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with your pets!

Karie Neeley Anderson
Copy and Production Editor

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