Dentist attacked while working at La. practice may lose an eye

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A dentist may lose an eye after she was stabbed multiple times by a woman on February 7 while working at a practice in a busy area of New Orleans, according to a news article published on February 8 by

Sharon Stewart, 55, was charged with one count of attempted second-degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault for reportedly stabbing the dentist in the left eye and neck and threatening two other employees, according to a press release dated February 8 from the New Orleans Police Department. The dentist and employees were not identified.

Just before noon on February 7, Stewart entered the dental practice and requested to talk to the dentist. An employee heard a disturbance, looked around, and purportedly saw Stewart brandishing a three-inch knife while facing the dentist, according to the story.

An employee reported that the dentist yelled that she had been stabbed in the face and she saw blood streaming from the clinician’s eye. Also, Stewart purportedly chased the dentist around the office, waving a knife, and attempted to attack two more employees. One employee tried to step in before the dentist managed to lock herself in a room, according to the story.

Stewart fled on foot and was arrested later that day, according to police. What triggered the altercation was not reported. Following the stabbing, an armed guard was stationed outside the dental center, according to the story.

The attack at the dental office is just one of a string of incidents Stewart allegedly engaged in during a month’s time. Additionally, Stewart was charged with aggravated arson and aggravated battery in connection with two separate incidents from January, according to police.

On January 31, Stewart allegedly threw a match inside the window of a man’s apartment, starting a fire after he refused to come outside. The victim accused Stewart of beating him with a hammer and threatening him days before the arson. Police smelled gasoline around the scorched apartment window.

Furthermore, Stewart had a protective order against her due to her allegedly stalking an acquaintance and her daughters in a retail parking lot and then following them to a pharmacy when they tried to evade her. Stewart reportedly accused the acquaintance of stealing her identity and food assistance benefits and threatening to harm her and her children, according to the story.

Stewart remains in jail awaiting her next court date. 

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