Week in Review: SDF vs. sealants | Can a $20M program solve the staffing shortage? | We're heading to Chicago!

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A dose of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) brushed onto children's teeth as part of a school-based oral health program prevents cavities as effectively as sealants, according to a new study. Our top story of the week covers the findings of the CariedAway study, which suggests that school-based programs can be very effective at preventing dental caries.

$20M plan to recruit hygienists, assistants

Staffing shortages are still on the minds of dental professionals, including one Oregon dentist who is also a state legislator. The dentist recently proposed a bill to develop a $20 million program to recruit and train dental assistants and hygienists. If it's passed and signed into law, it would provide millions for recruitment and retention efforts, education programs, scholarships, and mentoring programs.

Bad breath making headlines

Valentine's Day was this week, and nothing may be more of a turnoff for partners than bad breath. In a new poll, people said bad breath was more of a turnoff than body odor, a bad sense of humor, or overconfidence. That stinks!

Fortunately, the results of a new study may help those struggling with halitosis. Researchers shared that using a thyme mouth rinse may reduce bad breath better than other mouthwashes and improve gingivitis -- a win-win.

Gagging kid? Blame mom

Like mother, like child? That may be the case for children with a sensitive gag reflex during dental treatment. Among moms who gagged at the dentist's office, about 72% of their children did the same, according to a new study.

See you in Chicago!

The DrBicuspid.com editors will be off on Monday in observance of Presidents Day and to rest up before the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. If you'll be in Chicago from February 23-25, we'd love to see you there! Stop by booth #4143 to say hello, play some games, and watch the Cuspies presentations.

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