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Kevin Henry.
Kevin Henry.

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

Hello from Toronto! As I write this, I've finished a full day of presentations at the Ontario Dental Association. I thoroughly enjoyed my time north of the border and found Toronto to be a vibrant, diverse city. I absolutely can't wait to go back!

One of the things that I discussed during my Toronto lectures was the current hiring crisis in dentistry (which is tough for dental practices to navigate, no matter where they are in North America). As part of my talk, I referenced the current podcast series we are producing with Dr. Roger P. Levin on hiring and keeping team members. I think you'll find this week's installment extremely enlightening, as Dr. Levin discusses three ways to ensure your team stays together. In today's hiring market, the ability to keep your team together is perhaps more important than ever.

I also spent a lot of time talking to Canadian dental assistants about their career paths and what may lie ahead. Back in the U.S., thanks to some newly passed rules, dental assistants in some states now have more opportunities than ever before (and that's a very good thing).

Do you know which states boast having the highest percentage of children with the best dental health? If you don't, the answers may surprise you. And what about the reported correlation between a patient's weight and oral surgery? One study may now change the way we look at that combination.

Finally, I want to highlight a story that ran in last Saturday's Oral-Systemic Insider regarding the integration of dentistry into primary healthcare. Every Saturday, we send a special newsletter with a singular focus to subscribers. That focus changes weekly (including tomorrow, when it takes a deep dive into office management) as my team and I look to highlight a certain section of your business and help make it as strong as possible. With that in mind, watch your inbox every Saturday for these special editions.

No matter which country I am in, I am grateful for our subscribers who continue to trust to bring them the latest news and advances in dentistry. On behalf of my amazing editorial team, I wish you a great weekend ahead!

Kevin Henry
Editor in Chief

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