Podcast: The true reasons why there are staff shortages in dentistry

There is perhaps no greater current challenge for the dental industry than trying to find enough team members to adequately serve patients. With that issue in mind, we are taking an in-depth dive into the topic over the next few weeks.

Dr. Roger P. Levin.Dr. Roger P. Levin.

In this episode that kicks off a six-part podcast series, Dr. Roger Levin discussed the current state of staffing in dentistry, highlighting the crisis and confusion that dentists and office managers are facing. He emphasized the importance of keeping and training existing staff to avoid the challenges of recruiting and hiring.

Dr. Levin identified five factors contributing to the staffing crisis, including the lingering effects of the pandemic, a shortage of available staff, the increasing complexity of dental practice, rising staffing compensation, and limited growth opportunities in the field. He also discussed the challenges of hiring and the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on staffing in the future.

You can hear our conversation, which lasts just under 20 minutes, by clicking here or hitting the Play button below.


  • The best way to avoid recruiting, hiring, and interviewing is to keep and train the staff you have.
  • There is a shortage of available staff in dentistry, particularly in the roles of hygienists and front desk personnel.
  • Dental practice has become more complex, requiring longer learning curves and specific skill sets.
  • Staffing compensation has increased, and practices need to compensate their team members at the right level to retain them.
  • There is a desire for remote work and limited growth opportunities in the dental field.
  • Challenges in hiring include fewer candidates, no-shows for interviews, increased competition, and longer training periods.
  • AI may have a role in the future of staffing, particularly in assisting with software and administrative tasks.
  • Creating a positive culture and providing ongoing education and training are essential for staff longevity and practice success.


00:00 Introduction
00:45 The current state of staffing
05:01 The complexity of dental practice
05:30 Staffing compensation
06:28 Limited growth opportunities
06:56 Desire for remote work
08:18 Challenges and solutions
09:43 Long-term outlook
12:32 Compensation and production
14:01 Challenges in hiring
15:14 AI and the future of staffing
19:28 Conclusion

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