Podcast: 3 things to create team longevity in your dental practice

In this episode that is the second in a six-part series focused on the hiring crisis in dentistry and what can be done about it, Dr. Roger P. Levin discussed the importance of maintaining staff longevity in dental practices. He emphasized the need to create the right internal environment, which includes having a clear vision, mission, and culture.

Dr. Levin explained that vision is where the practice wants to go, mission is the purpose of the practice, and culture is the behavior and attitude within the practice. He highlighted the importance of having a culture of positivity and creating an environment where team members want to be.

Dr. Roger P. Levin.Dr. Roger P. Levin.

Dr. Levin also addressed the concern of dentists who may not naturally possess the skills to create a positive culture and provided practical advice on how to transform a practice's culture.

Podcast takeaways

  • Maintaining staff longevity is crucial for dental practices to avoid the costs and challenges of recruiting and hiring new staff.

  • Creating the right internal environment involves having a clear vision, mission, and culture.

  • Vision is the future of the practice, mission is its purpose, and culture is the behavior and attitude within the practice.

  • A culture of positivity is essential to keep team members engaged and motivated.

  • Dentists can learn how to create a positive culture and transform the internal environment of their practice.

Key quotes from the podcast

  • "Maintaining and increasing staff longevity is one of the top 10 ways to increase practice production."
  • "Your team needs to be friends, and your vision needs to be real."
  • "Culture determines behavior. Build a culture of positivity."

Podcast notes

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