Dos and don'ts for leadership: Traits of the successful practice leader

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Great leaders are made, not born. Great practice leaders know that they are not perfect. However, they understand that following a few simple rules makes their task much easier.


Be decisive. No matter what the issue, excellent leaders make decisions and trust their instincts, based on analysis, education, and experience. Strong leaders are confident in their ability to assess information and reach conclusions that reflect the best interests of the practice. They may seek information or recommendations from the team, but eventually leaders will come to a conclusion on their own. The team will commit to the decision if it is properly presented.


Don't try to do it all yourself. Leaders never work alone. They rely on their team to help execute their goals. The best leaders learn to consistently work through others. This occurs when staff members are empowered through training and guidance to work on their own. This approach allows the team to accomplish their tasks and frees up the doctor to stay chairside providing patient care. The ability to work through others allows dentists to reach the highest levels of productivity and success.

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