5 easy steps to eliminate stress from your practice

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Stress causes many negative effects when it comes to work performance. It may come from a heavy workload, not feeling like you have enough hours in the day, bad relationships with others in the office, or sometimes all of the above. Stress can make you to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, burned out, easily distracted, depressed, or even resentful toward your practice.

Don't let stress become a permanent resident in your dental practice. Create a stress-free workplace by following these five steps.

1. Hire responsible, trustworthy employees

Allen Crow is the marketing manager for Easy Dental.Allen Crow is the marketing manager for Easy Dental.

The productivity of your office depends so much on your employees. If your staff is not staying on schedule, your office turns into a chaotic mess. When tasks aren't being completed or completed incorrectly, it sends unnecessary stress your way.

To rid yourself of the stress that bad employees can bring, make sure you hire people who are responsible and trustworthy. Conduct thorough interviews with each candidate and reach out to their past employers to evaluate their past performance. Many dentists bring potential employees in to work for a few days or a week as a trial before hiring. These things will help ensure that you hire hard-working, honest employees who won't add to your stress level.

2. Hold daily team huddles

Daily team huddles are essential to a productive practice. Huddles let you plan and review your day's schedule and practice goals, as well as effectively communicate with everyone working that day. They also allow you to prepare and hold each staff member accountable for his or her responsibilities. These meetings can help save time throughout the day, so everyone can leave work on time.

Designate a set time and location for your practice's daily team huddles, and keep them short, sweet, and worthwhile.

3. Choose practice management software your staff can use

Your practice management software is the heart of your office staff's productivity. It makes your practice more efficient by automating many of processes, including billing, scheduling, sending appointment reminders, and more. But if it's complex and difficult to use, it can add more stress than it avoids.

Let your office staff try the software out before you buy. They will know what features they need and will use. This will also minimize training time and ensure less stress trying to get everyone using the software correctly.

4. Keep your supplies and exam rooms organized

“If your supplies and exam rooms are neatly organized, your staff will be more efficient.”

With patients constantly coming into your office, your staff shouldn't waste time looking for the tools and supplies for each patient's treatment. If your supplies and exam rooms are neatly organized, your staff will be more efficient.

Label your cabinets and drawers, or use tubs and trays to keep your supplies organized. Many offices use a color-coding system to better know where everything goes. With everything organized, your office will run more smoothly and stress-free.

5. Set realistic team goals

Setting unrealistic goals can cause people to burn out or give up, because they feel the goals are beyond their reach. Set team goals that provide motivation and a sense of achievement, but make sure each goal is one your team is willing and able to attain.

You don't want stress in your workplace any more than you want it in your personal life, so implement these five easy-to-follow tips to eliminate stress from your dental practice. Then you can watch your practice morale, productivity, and patient satisfaction rise.

Allen Crow is the marketing manager for Easy Dental.

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