2 counties in Calif. issue vaccine orders

Dental office personnel in San Luis Obispo and Yolo counties in California must comply with new vaccine orders for certain illnesses, including the flu, by November 1, according to an article published October 12 by the California Dental Association.

The orders require employers to develop or implement a compliant masking or vaccination policy for their workplaces.

In Yolo County, which includes the greater Sacramento region, its influenza vaccination order is effective through April 30, 2024. San Luis Obispo County’s flu and COVID-19 order is effective through April 30, 2024, and this is effective for the flu each season until the order is rescinded, according to the article.

The latest vaccination order joins existing orders for influenza or influenza and COVID-19 in the cities of Madera, Alameda, Pasadena, and Berkeley, San Francisco city and county, and San Joaquin and Santa Clara counties. Additionally, masking mandates issued for San Mateo, Sonoma, Alameda, and Contra Costa do not affect dental personnel.

Dental employees in the state are encouraged to keep abreast of changing orders and updates. Influenza season continues through early spring. 

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