Levin on disappointed patients; Doniger on complaints; McKenzie on treatment coordinators

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No matter how hard you and your team try, you will sometimes disappoint patients. Complaints may be unfair, but your reaction must nevertheless be controlled. Think of any criticism as a clue to how you can improve the quality of service you provide, and try not to take it personally, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin.

In her latest Sheri's Solutions, Dr. Sheri Doniger relates something that has probably come up in your practice also: the patient who complains about treatment. Dr. Doniger relates how her practice handles the occasional patient who seemingly is never satisfied.

Are you hearing "no" from patients more than you are hearing "yes"? Practice management consultant Sally McKenzie has an idea that will help you turn those answers around -- hire a treatment coordinator.

With the unofficial start of summer fast approaching, DrBicuspid.com takes a look back at the most-read columns authored by dentists from the first part of the year. The most-read columns include two clinical calls to action, an entry in our popular series on coding by Dr. Doyle Williams, and two insightful columns by the Madow Brothers. Read more here.

As both Dr. Levin's and Dr. Doniger's insightful columns remind us, you can't please everyone, and some portion of patients will never be satisfied. I'm curious to hear how you handle these patients and what has worked, and hasn't worked, in the past. Let me know.

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