Naked Dentist goes to the dogs; Madow Bros. and the 80/20 rule; associate contract tips

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In his latest Naked Dentist column, Curtis Marshall draws an interesting parallel between well-known dog trainer Cesar Millan's methods and what a dental practice needs to do to thrive. As Marshall helped a practice in Utah understand, a practice can't stop once its numbers start to improve.

The Pareto principle, or the 80/20 rule, might have started out as an economic observation, but it can be a powerful tool to help your practice thrive. Read how the Madow Brothers put this rule into practice and learned how to eliminate, automate, or delegate everything they could, freeing up their days to do only what they wanted and loved to do.

Whether you are a new graduate of dental school or a dentist seeking a new position, Matt LaMaster, Esq., offers four tips for an associate contract in his first column for He offers practical advice and questions those on both sides of the negotiation should ask. Read more here.

Significantly more Californians visited the emergency room for dental-related problems after the state cut Medicaid dental benefits, according to a new article in Health Affairs. The authors hope policymakers will consider adding comprehensive dental coverage to their own state's plans because of the results. Read Assistant Editor Theresa Pablos' article here.

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