Week in Review: Increasing hygiene profitability | DSO statistics to know | Resolutions to keep in 2020

Happy New Year! Happy new decade!

When the clock struck midnight and New Year's Eve turned into New Year's Day, it was a surreal moment to think that we had just closed a 10-year chapter and were starting fresh on another 10-year journey. The last decade brought so much change in our industry (including a new HPV saliva test that may speed detection of mouth and throat cancers), and I have no doubt we will see a mind-boggling amount again before the calendar turns to 2030.

Part of the change we have seen in the past decade comes with the explosion of dental service organizations (DSOs). What do you need to know about the potential for growth and the challenges that lie ahead for DSOs? We have some answers for you, as well as some interesting statistics to share.

We also want to share with you some great tips from Dr. Roger P. Levin on boosting hygiene profitability in your practice. It's no secret that every successful dental practice has a successful hygiene department churning the engine of growth. Whether your hygiene department is soaring or could use some work, these five tips from Dr. Levin will be very helpful.

With the start of 2020, my dear friend Dr. Sheri Doniger wrote an excellent article detailing six New Year's resolutions that she believes could apply to every dentist and every practice. I fully believe that keeping these resolutions will be easier than maintaining that new gym membership or keeping those calories away.

May I suggest three other things to start your 2020 off right?

First, we would be honored if you would take a few moments and submit your vote for one of the various products within the 10 categories comprising this year's DrBicuspid Dental Excellence Awards. Your vote could make the difference in which company is recognized at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting in February as the "best of the best."

Second, take a few moments and listen to this podcast on vaping and what it means in terms of your dental patients. What role does and should your practice play in educating patients on the dangers of this growing trend? That's just one of the questions we dive into during this podcast that lasts just over 13 minutes and is well worth your time.

Third, I am in the process of building a continuing education (CE) series with our clinical editor, Dr. David Rice. This will revolve around harnessing the power of personalities in the practice and could make a big difference in the efficiency of your team in the coming decade. It will be ready soon, and if you'd like to be among the first to know when it's ready for you and your team, you can sign up for a notification.

Here's to an amazing 2020 for you, your practice, and your family!

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