Teen gets harmonica stuck in mouth, documents it online

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A teen from Canada has proved that she would do anything to make her younger cousin laugh when she squeezed a harmonica into her mouth. Unfortunately, she didn't stop to think about how she would remove the instrument, according to news reports.

It's unclear whether Mollie O'Brien got the chuckle she was looking for from her cousin, but the video of the experience she posted online went viral. The Ottawa teen documented her anything-for-a-laugh moment on her profile on the video-sharing social network platform TikTok, garnering her post about 1.7 million views.

The high schooler captioned the video: "Going to cheo [Children's Hospital of Eastern Ottawa] to get my harmonica removed." Along with images of the harmonica stuffed in her mouth, she wrote "i just did a bad thing," "i regret the thing I did," "and you're wondering what it is," and "well... I shoved an entire harmonica in my mouth and its stuck now."

O'Brien told news outlets that the harmonica played the entire time it was lodged in her mouth. Though she admits to panicking during the ordeal, she worried most about her mother's reaction. Her mom mostly just wondered how she could raise a child who would decide jamming a harmonica in her mouth was a good idea.

Fortunately, the high schooler has recovered. She went to a hospital emergency room, where a dentist used a special tool to pry the instrument from her mouth. The same dentist also advised her to avoid the stunt in the future.

Check out O'Brien's TikTok post here.

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