Who's ready to take a deep dive into Godzilla's mouth?

2020 08 17 16 56 1873 Godzilla 400

The world's first Godzilla Museum has opened in Japan, and soon visitors can zip line through the mouth of the iconic monster, according to news reports.

Through the end of August, visitors can check out 80 rare creature figures, some props from movies, and a children's exhibit. A 400-ft statue of Godzilla, along with an aerial runway, will be erected during the second phase of the museum. Once completed, theme park dwellers will get to pose as scientists, monitor the beast's moves, and zip through Godzilla's oral cavity to find a way to tame the monster, which was powered by atomic energy in the 1954 sci-fi flick.

If that wasn't enough, guests will also have the pleasure of ducking attacks from the radioactive reptile and using special guns to fight back.

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