Week in Review: Antibiotics study | Sedation events | Extra cusp

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Dear DrBicuspid Member,

Antibiotic prophylaxis is always a big topic on DrBicuspid.com, and this week is no exception. Our top story of the week covers an animal study which showed that taking preventive antibiotics for implant surgery may interfere with wound healing. See this and more in this week's news.

Check out the stories of the week:

  1. Taking preventive amoxicillin or clindamycin for implant placement surgery may dysregulate osteoimmune wound healing and weaken the interface, the findings of an animal study suggest.

  2. Adverse events occur in 1 in 12 instances of deep sedation performed in children at outpatient dental settings, according to a new study.

  3. A rare dental developmental abnormality, known as a protostylid and characterized as an extra cusp, caused a woman’s apical periodontitis, according to a published case report.

  4. What are the best billing practices to manage insurance revenue recovery? Dr. James V. Anderson summarizes 10 musts for your insurance payables cash flow.

  5. As we move toward the end of the year, things can get a little crazy. Dr. Roger P. Levin shares his do's and don'ts for finishing the year strong.
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