Week in Review: Big considerations for pediatric patients | Dealing with no-shows | Achieving accurate restorations

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Some pediatric dentists didn't perform very well when they tried to identify and detect traumatic dental injuries and problems on patients' images. Our top story of the week covered the findings of the new but small explorative study.

The study included nine pediatric dentists who assessed 2D and 3D images of anterior permanent teeth that had experienced dental trauma. Compared to benchmark data from a pediatric endodontist and experienced dentomaxillofacial radiologist, the pediatric dentists only identified about half of the radiologic findings.

More considerations for pediatric patients

Pediatric dental practice made the headlines more than once this week. In another study, researchers found that combining music therapy and aromatherapy effectively managed fear and anxiety in school-aged children. Patients who received this combination also had decreased blood pressure, lower heart rate, and increased oxygen saturation.

Further, the percentage of youth who identify as LGBT+ is growing, and federal data show that about 10% of youth identify as LGBT. For the end of Pride month, two diversity and inclusion advocates shared some tips for welcoming LGBT+ pediatric patients. They also outlined five ways to make your practice more LGBTQ+ friendly for all patients.

Restoration accuracy hinges on prep

The accuracy of digital scans for complete onlay restorations hinges on preparation design and the type of scanner used, according to a study in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. Researchers compared the accuracy of three scanners for three different preparation designs. The study covers which scanners were the most accurate and which prep led to the best results.

Do's and don'ts for no-shows

With Independence Day coming up and summer travel in full swing, you're likely to see an increase in no-shows and late cancellations. While no-shows can create serious scheduling and production problems, there are some techniques to minimize these occurrences. Dr. Levin outlined do's and don'ts for no-shows and late cancellations in his weekly column.

Speaking of the holiday, DrBicuspid.com will not be publishing new content on Monday, July 4, in observance of Independence Day. I'll be spending the day outdoors with loved ones and hope you also get some time to relax and celebrate.

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