New plasma delivery device hits dental market

Circle Biologics has launched a device for delivering platelet-rich plasma to surgery sites that it plans to market to dentists.

The Autologous Platelet Concentrator Platform (APC) is the first of its kind to incorporate both autologous (patient derived) cell concentration and protein concentration in a single point-of-care device, the company said.

The APC has earned 510(k) clearance from the FDA. It is a two-chamber, closed system that allows the user to perform two processing steps without the risk of contamination or waste typically associated with transferring fluids between devices, according to Circle Biologics.

"While this is not the first platelet-rich plasma device on the market, it is the first to incorporate both patient-derived cell and protein concentration in one," said Matthew Kyle, president of Circle Biologics, in a press release.

The device is one in a set the company offers for patient-derived, point-of-care biofluid and cellular preparation for platelet-rich plasma, stem cell, and tissue enrichment/generation. The devices can be used for every stage from procurement to processing to delivery or implantation in an approach that spares cells, reduces outside exposure, and protects the user and recipient, according to the company.

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