SISU partners with CCM Hockey on mouthguards

SISU Guard and CCM Hockey have entered into an exclusive brand partnership to offer cobranded CCM mouthguards powered by the SISU technology. The partnership will create a larger retail network for the introduction of innovative, high-tech SISU mouthguards to athletic markets, according to the companies.

CCM Hockey and Akervall Technologies, the manufacturer of the SISU mouthguard, have executed the first phase of the agreement. The two companies will now work with current and new distributors to promote the guards in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The CCM guards, powered by SISU, will be available in retail stores in spring 2015.

Mathieu Giroux, product manager for CCM Hockey, stated in a press release that the innovation and benefits of the mouthguards led to the partnership.

"What made us move towards SISU Guards was the innovation and benefits of SISU Mouthguards in the marketplace," Giroux said. "We felt that through a partnership and the equity of the CCM brand, it would make a success story in the hockey industry."

Sassa Akervall, president of Akervall Technologies, stated in the same release that CCM has the experience the manufacturer was looking for.

"CCM Hockey has the experience and infrastructure to introduce SISU guards to the hockey athletic community, and deep commitment to help support our growth. They are absolutely the right partner," Akervall said.

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