Obama leads McCain in Florida smile poll

Sen. Barack Obama is outsmiling Republican opponent Sen. John McCain by more than two to one in Florida's first presidential smile poll, held online at www.smileperfect.com/forpresident.

According to cosmetic dentist William Balanoff, D.D.S., Obama's lead in the early tally may be due to his wider, broader smile and larger teeth versus McCain's more retrained, narrower smile. So far Obama has 120 votes compared to McCain's 74.

Both candidates are excellent smilers with nice, straight teeth, Dr. Balanoff said in a press release. But Obama may have a slight edge in brightness.

Dr. Balanoff suggests a number of things each candidate can do to improve their standings in the smile polls.

"McCain can definitely benefit from a teeth-whitening program, and there are some small areas in both the upper and lower jaw where a few teeth can be capped better," he said. Obama's upper lip is a little hyper mobile but could be fixed with 'a little well-placed Botox,' he added.

Florida voters from all parties may cast their vote for their favorite presidential smile until August 15.

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