Zimmer launches collagen capsules, wedge

Zimmer Dental has announced the availability of Zimmer Collagen Capsules and the shape-retaining Zimmer Collagen Wedge, which can be used during sinus lifts, socket repair, and other wound-healing applications.

The Collagen Capsules support focused bone augmentation, and can be used in crestal and lateral sinus lift procedures, according to Zimmer. These capsules, which can be positioned with the Zimmer Sinus Lift Balloon or other delivery instruments, are intended for repairing tears to the Schneiderian membrane and efficiently retaining grafting material during socket preservation and repair procedures.

The Collagen Wedge, which holds its shape and can be trimmed for a custom fit, is useful for bone defects, ridge augmentation procedures, and oral wound-healing applications, the company said. The 23 x 38-mm wedge's thicker, reinforced edge allows for attachment to the lateral wall with tacks, Zimmer said.

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